Believing that all children can learn and thrive, the Academy of Excellence will provide nurturing, guidance, and instruction to empower students to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

Little Skittles


Birth- 1 year




Local Preschool


Ages 3-5




Online Preschool

Ages 3-5




Afterschool Program

Ages 5 – 13


Drop- ins are only accepted when space is avaliable. Fees are due the morning that the child arrives at the center, or may be paid in advance.

After School Students  who attend during the summer will pay $105 per week.

Family Discounts

A family with 2 or more children enrolled in the center will recieve a $5 discount off the weekly tuition rate of each child, after the first.


Tuition Due Dates

Weekly Payments – Due on Monday of each week: payments recived after Wednesday will be considered late and late fees will be assessed.

Bi-Weekly Payments – Due on Monday of the first week in the two week period: Payments recieved after Wednesday of the first week will be considered late and late fees will be assessed.  


The Academy of Excellence is committed to helping children grow in wisdom. Our goals are to provide a well rounded program that will help children grow academically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially

This past year has been nothing short of amazing.Mrs. Bell assured me at the beginning of the school year that my son could excel. I saw progress weekly and she never hesitated to reply when I had questions. Despite all the challenges that we faced, she provided a loving and caring learning environment. This was his first time ever attending school and because of her he has a lasting impact.

Lakenya Turner


Last year my son was in Mrs. Bell’s class and I see that she has impacted my son. He has learned a lot and is ready for kindergarten. She is very caring and I’m glad my son was in her class. All my son talks about is Mrs. Bell which is a good sign to me.

Glenn Mosely Sr.


I’ve had the unique priviledge of being Mrs. Bell’s assaistant teacher. It has been an adventurous, knowledgable, and motivational experience. I was so nervous about working with Mrs. Bell, but she assured me that the year would be perfect, and it was. Mrs. Bell is caring , supportive, humble, hilarious and an overall great teacher. While working under Mrs. Bell, I was a full time student and at times working and managing school became a challenge, but with the help of Mrs. Bell, she made it easy for me. My favorite thing about Mrs. Bell is that she’s a teacher with many roles. I’m so glad that I am Mrs. Bell’s assistant and working on my second year with her!!!

Miss Mack

Assistant Teacher